A Letter From Brian Jackson to His Grandchildren

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From Brian Jackson to Each of His Grandchildren – To those here presently and to others yet to come

Dear Grandchild:

At some point in your life you will wonder what cause on earth ever prompted Grandpa to present himself to the people of Eastern Oklahoma as a candidate for a seat in the United States Congress! Well, I write to you today to reassure you that I enlisted in this effort to fight for you and for others of your generation. As I am sure your parents will teach you early on the duties of responsible citizenship, I expect that you will yet be a youngster when these few words of mine first fall beneath your serious gaze. I only hope that at that moment you will not be ashamed of me, your grandfather, nor of how I have conducted myself through this campaign.

So, let me tell you how desperately I want you to have every opportunity and blessing that America once offered your grandparents. Of course, as I write this note to you your Grandma is already with Jesus having left this world almost four years ago now. Had she lived on, I am certain the two of us would be engaged in continual conversation about the world of your future. We would hope for you to receive a Christ-centered and well-rounded education, and for you to have the prospect of a satisfying job or career ahead. We would desire for you every freedom of expression and worship intended for you by the Founders. We would wish for you to not be burdened by dreadful taxes that will almost certainly hit you in adulthood as a result of the short-sighted policies of our current politicians. We would dream that you need not worry about the threat of nuclear proliferation or terrorism.

Your Grandpa chose the motto “For free markets and a free people!” as something of a battle cry for his first political race. Regrettably, yours is the forgotten generation in today’s political discourse. As a matter of fact, Congress is at this moment stealing from you! I call it intergenerational theft. (That’s a big word, I know.) Yet, I still hope that you will grow up in an America as free as the one in which your grandparents were raised. I want you to expect a brighter future than the one we dreamed of for ourselves. Perhaps, someday, while the family is gathered around the dinner table, I will tell you and all my grandchildren much more about why I chose these seven words to sum up the message of this campaign. Until then, please remember that God loves you more than you will ever comprehend, and—

I love you!


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